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Additional Learning Needs: Dyslexia

We can provide intensive programmes for the support of dyslexic and/or dyscalculic students of all ages.

Following informal discussions and assessments, Gillian will plan and deliver intensive, individual, multi-sensory, phonics-based tutorials, gradually building on the students’ existing knowledge to strengthen reading, spelling, punctuation, handwriting and mathematical skills.

Tutorials in other subject areas are adapted to be ‘dyslexia-friendly’, and the progress of the tutee will dictate the rate at which new material is introduced; there is no danger of being overwhelmed by a mass of information before the learner is ready to move on.

Gillian is a professional member of PATOSS (Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties) and adheres to its Code of Practice. She holds an up-to-date DBS Certificate, and has a great deal of experience of teaching and supporting students with Special Needs.