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Home Education

Posted on 08 June 2019

The decision to have your child educated at home is not one which anyone takes lightly. Sometimes, due to special needs, parents feel they have no option but to remove their child from the formal education system. Other families take an active decision to embrace Home Education and free themselves from the restrictions and limitations of traditional schooling.

Either way, a commitment is often made to involve a tutor as part of the child’s new learning plan. Sometimes this can be funded by the relevant local authority (LA); in other cases, parents pay the tutor directly, seeing the arrangement as an essential support to other learning (online colleges, informal teaching by family members, and various support groups). A tutor can also ‘bridge the gap’ between the child leaving school and the LA making permanent alternative provision.

A good tutor will have an up-to-date knowledge of the National Curriculum at all levels, and be familiar with the requirements of the various examination boards for older pupils. He or she will be a fully-qualified teacher, with extensive experience of teaching children with a range of ages, backgrounds and emotional/educational needs.

Complete Works Tutoring provides all of this. Most families bring the child to us in Holt, welcoming the opportunity for socialisation and a change of scene however, home visits can be made for daytime tuition under special circumstances.