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The Personal Touch

Posted on 02 August 2018

All our tutorials are individual and personalised to the tutee. The one-to-one, face-to-face model of tutoring offers huge advantages:

  • a less stressful atmosphere gives the student confidence to ask questions without fear of speaking in front of a group of peers
  • the sessions can be adapted at any time so that explanations can be repeated or further practice undertaken
  • feedback from the tutor is immediate and relevant to the individual
  • subsequent sessions will build on successful learning, with new material only introduced when the student is ready to move on
  • individual special needs will be taken into account and catered for by the tutor
  • tutorials are relaxed and friendly, with the tutor rapidly getting to know the tuteeā€™s strengths and challenges

Of course, if you would like to study with up to two other friends/classmates who are covering the same material, perhaps during revision periods, then Complete Works Tutoring can accommodate groups of up to three students. This can provide a very cost-effective way for families to access tuition: please enquire about our group discounts.